St Mark’s architect!

We are thrilled to announce that Finlason Partnership have been appointed as the architects for St Mark’s new building in Shavington. The company comes with bags of experience working with churches and helping to create multi-purpose buildings and classic worship spaces. We are really looking forward to working with them, and developing the plans for the new build together.

If you have any ideas about the new building, including architecture and functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us — the Vicar, Michael, is really pleased to talk with anyone who wants to know a but more or wants to contribute in any way.

For more information, you can view our Launch video or head over to the new building page on our website.

One thought on “St Mark’s architect!

  1. Finlason Partnership Ltd (FPL) is delighted to have been appointed as the architects for the new church and community building in Shavington. It is remarkable that the founders of St Mark’s Church in the early 1900’s had the vision and foresight to enable the current custodians of St Mark’s, to realise this exciting project.


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