About Us

We are two warm and friendly local churches working together as Christians communities to worship God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and to serve our neighbours in South East Cheshire. We are part of the Church of England and the Diocese of Chester.

Our mission is simple: to share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet. It comes from the Christian belief that God loves people: this love is powerful and good, and is made known fully in Jesus — his birth, life, death, and resurrection. It is something worth sharing, and something that changes us for the better. So our mission is a big, exciting,  task; it takes our time, effort, energy, intellect, and talents to do it. 

Church is also fun! It’s the place where we come together to learn more about Jesus and ourselves and to be inspired, cared for, supported, and equipped to put our faith into practise and see the world transformed by God’s love. Church is not an exclusive club: God welcomes anyone and everyone in the hope that we will follow Christ, and sends all of us to work together with the same mission for the good of everybody.

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You can download our Annual Report for 2018 here Our latest news from around the Parish is on our blog page and you can check out what’s coming-up in the diary here. You can also find us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Find out about our new building project at Shavington by clicking the new-build logo.

Why not come along and get involved? You will be made very welcome!