We’re thrilled that you are thinking about baptism and making that step of faith in response to God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Baptism is a very special moment for everyone involved. It’s a great day to celebrate life before God and to come together for a family party, but, most importantly, it is a spiritual occasion in which those being baptised are united to Jesus Christ and become members of his Church family. In the Bible, baptised people are called “new creatures” because, through the prayers and the sacrament, a new Christian is made and a new life-long journey of faith and discipleship is begun.

For this reason it is important to get ready for your baptism. In fact, the Vicar is obliged to ensure that “proper preparation” has taken place before a person is baptised. Here are some things to do to start you off:

1. Then come to a Sunday morning service and talk with the Vicar afterwards. If it seems right then she’ll book a date with you (usually it’ll be around 3-4 months away).

3. Come regularly to worship as a family, and get involved in the Church family for a period of 3 months before your baptism. This doesn’t mean coming every week, but it does mean at least once per month. If Sunday services are a bit of a problem, you might find it easier to come to Edward Bear Club or GLOW. You’ll find more information about these in the Children page.

All baptisms in the Parish happen during morning worship on certain Sundays in the moths of January, March, May, July, September, and November. At St Mark’s services begin at 9.30am, and at All Saints at 11am.

Feel free to get in touch with the Parish Administrator for further details.

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