Giving is very important as it funds what we do in our Parish and enables us to “Share the Love of Jesus with All”.

The questions and answers below provide further explanation.

What does the Parish cost to run?

Our Parish costs about £1300 per week to run – this includes salaries for our paid staff (Parish Administrator and Children and Families Worker), insurances, heating, lighting, water, costs associated with running services and our Parish Share payments to Chester Diocese (which pay for our vicar).

Where does our income come from?

Some of our income comes from Church Hall lettings and fundraising events (which of course have ceased during the Covid-19 lockdown period) but the majority comes from Planned Giving.

We also recover a significant amount through Gift Aid which can contribute about 10% of the total.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is where an individual agrees to pay a fixed amount at regular intervals (weekly, monthly or yearly). The amount is only known to the individual, the Parish Treasurer and the Parish Giving Officer.

Historically, many people paid by means of a weekly envelope containing cash; but today most pay by Standing Order direct from their bank account and this is easier for the Parish Giving Officer to administer.

You can sign up for Planned Giving by printing and completing a copy of the Planned Giving Agreement which can be found here.

How do I set up a Standing Order?

You can set up a Standing Order online if you use internet banking or, alternatively, complete a Standing Order form and take it to your bank.

Please ensure you inform the Parish Giving Officer if you set up a Standing Order in either of these ways.

Alternatively, print and complete the form and return it to the Parish Giving Officer who will process it for you. The form can be found here.

What about Gift Aid?

If you pay UK income tax you could probably “gift aid” your donations – this enables us to recover 25p for every pound you give; so a £4 donation is worth £5 to the Parish.

Gift Aid information is only known to the individual, the Parish Treasurer, the Parish Giving Officer and HMRC.

You can sign up to Gift Aid your donations by printing and completing a copy of the Gift Aid Declaration which can be found here.

Our GiveALittle campaign portals also allow you to Gift Aid your donations.

Can I make a one-off donation?

Yes. One-off donations to Parish Funds can be made online using our GiveALittle Parish Funds campaign portal which can be found here, via BACS transfer (our bank details are shown at the bottom of the page) or with cash or cheques made payable to PCC of All Saints’ Weston & St Mark’s Shavington.

How else can I help financially?

If you shop online, you can donate to Parish Funds by using EasyFundraising. You can find out more here.

How are Special Projects financed?

Special Projects (e.g. a building improvement project) are usually funded by means of specific Fundraising Events and/or one-off donations and all such funds are “ring-fenced” to ensure they are only spent on the Project.

What about donations to Special Projects?

Donations to Special Projects can be made in the same way as one-off donations to Parish Funds; links to the appropriate GiveALittle page will also be posted here and elsewhere.

Any BACS transfers, cash or cheque payments should include a reference to the particular Project so that your donation can be earmarked for that purpose.

Online donations to the St. Mark’s new build project can be made here.

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is another way to help both Parish Funds and Special Projects – please ask our Parish Giving Officer for more information.

Our Parish Giving Officer

Margaret Smallwood

4 Meadow Close, Shavington CW2 5BE


Our bank account details

Account Name: PCC of All Saints’ Weston with St. Mark’s Shavington

Bank: NatWest

Account Number: 17894204          Sort Code: 01-00-71