The Vicar and Martin Luther

martin-luther-9389283-1-402You may know that 2017 was the 500 year anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, when the Augustinian monk and Professor of Theology, Martin Luther, started a debate with his superiors in the Church. Legend has it that he nailed 95 Theological Theses to the door of Wittenberg Church, and this was the beginning of an ecclesiastical, theological, social, and economic revolution. In reality Luther probably wrote a letter to his Bishop, Albrecht, in order to kick-start a discussion. Whichever it was, Luther’s objections to the selling of forgiveness and release from purgatory changed the world and the church forever.

Our Vicar, Michael, has recently been involved in some recorded discussions on the significance of the Reformation, and Luther’s involvement in it, not only for the sixteenth century but also for the future of the church in Europe today. You can find the recorded discussions here, Godpod 119 (on the Reformation and the Future of Europe today), and Godpod 120 (on the nature of good disagreement). Each discussion lasts about 30 minutes, and involves a panel of Christian thinkers including a bishop, some professors, ethicists, and historians as well as our very own Vicar!

Michael also gave a public lecture back in November entitled, “Reading the Bible with Martin Luther: Challenges and Possibilities for Today”, hosted at St Mary’s Church in Nantwich. We’ll endeavour to make the text available soon.

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