Gaynor is Licensed as Reader

We have had a very exciting weekend in the Parish!

Saturday 12th October 2019, saw the fruition of 3 years study after being called to become a Reader (lay Minister) in the Church of England; when at Chester Cathedral myself and 6 other colleagues were received into the Church of England as Readers and I was given a license to work in the Parish of Weston (and Shavington) by Bishop Keith of Birkenhead.   It was a wonderful day which was shared with my family, the congregations of both churches and close friends. I now look forward to working with Rachael and the other Readers in my new role within the Parish, whilst continuing to be a volunteer Chaplain at Leighton Hospital.

And on Sunday afternoon we had tea and cake followed by a Songs of Praise service to celebrate the start of Gaynor’s new ministry.

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