New Knit and Crochet Project

February Update from Knit for Peace
They are continuing to operate despite the national lockdown, as the need for warm clothes and blankets remains.

This week the first donation of completed items has been delivered to me –  hats, scarves and mittens.

If you need patterns, completed items collected or any other information please contact Margaret H (01270 841577 or email

It will cost us £8.42 to send 15kg in weight of items made for this project, If you don’t knit or crochet but would still like to be apart of this project we would be delighted for any donations to help cover this cost.

Now that we have finished making Christmas bells, we can look forward to supporting Knit for Peace with scarves, hats blankets etc.

Knit for Peace sends items they receive to wherever they are needed, some overseas and some in this country.

This is a picture of some things that I have made; If you have access to the internet and type into your search engine – Knit for Peace –  and on their site you will find loads of free patterns for items to make, so you can make a variety of items if you prefer.

Wondering what to knit?

This is the latest list from Knit for Peace, as you can see there are plenty of options, so take your pick and knit away!

The colder weather has brought a flurry of requests for blankets and warm clothes.
Especially needed are socks (all sizes) mittens or gloves, hats (grown up sizes mostly for men) adult sweaters or cardigans, slipovers.
Children’s clothes (from ages 2 to 14) – jumpers, cardigans, ponchos all sizes, hats.
large (80×90”/200x230cm or 70×90”/180x230cm),
medium (60×70”/150x180cm or 50×70”/130x180cm),
lap blankets (45×45”/115x115cm)
Toys – we have a special request for black or brown faced dolls, otherwise teddies and animals are ok. 
We don’t need twiddle muffs and premature baby clothing at the moment.

We never sell whatever you send us, we send them to where they are needed. We send out tens of thousands of items a year, giving to a diverse range of services, such as refugee centres, homeless shelters, and hospitals.

If you don’t have access to the internet and are stuck for patterns or ideas then let me know and I will let you have some printed options.

We have to send items made by carrier to their central depot so if you are unable to knit/crochet then you can still get involved by making a donation to cover the cost of forwarding items made to Knit for Peace.

We have already have a number of scarves and other items that have been made and in fact have sent off our first donation of items to them.

When you have any completed items you would like collected just give me a call and I will arrange collection. Margaret Hodgkinson 841577.

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