St Mark’s Hall Clearance

A small team of volunteers did sterling works on the morning of Saturdat 9th October clearing vegetation from the hall perimeter and tidying the storeroom.

The side of the hall had become impassable due to hedge growth and ifestations of ivy, nettles and brambles whilst the rear of the hall (behind the storeroom which had previously become the toilets and kitchen) was overgrown with ivy and had suffered from the dumping of cutdown leylandi branches and other rubbish.

The storeroom had amassed many items brought there with good intensions but which were really no longer of use. Many thanks to Sheila, Ian, Hilary, Sara and Jools who undertook the tasks enthusiastically – the hired skip was full by 1pm!

There is more to do – the rear of the hall needs further work, as does the storeroom – so watch out for requests for help from Roger in the future!

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