Living in Love and Faith Feedback

This is the letter we will be sending to the Bishops, having completed the course.

For the attention of the Bishops,

Living in Love and Faith Feedback

This letter is written on behalf of members of the churches of All Saints’ in Weston and St Mark’s in Shavington in the Diocese of Chester who have taken part in the Living in Love and Faith course. We have valued the opportunity to learn together using the LLF resources and wanted to share with you some of the key issues that have arisen as a result of the learning that has taken place. In our final session together, we agreed that we would feedback the following points:

1. We want to welcome everyone with tolerance and sensitivity regardless of who they are. 

2. We feel it is important to develop ways of enabling people to gain a greater understanding of the impact that their views have on an individual’s emotional and psychological well-being. 

3. We want to accept people for who they are or as they present themselves. 

4. We have valued the course but cannot see how two opposing sides can come together in agreement when each side is firmly grounded in the belief that they are right. 

5. We believe that the feelings of the existing church congregation are also important so there needs to be mutual understanding and respect on all sides. As a church community, we need to learn to disagree well. 

6. We need to develop a much clearer understanding of the issues involved, particularly in relation to a person’s gender and sexuality. 

We hope that our feedback is useful as you prayerfully consider the next steps for the Church of England. We wish you well in this difficult task and pray for God’s wisdom and grace to be with you. 

With all good wishes,

Rev Rachael Griffiths


All Saints’ Weston with St Mark’s Shavington

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