St. Mark’s Groups

Coffee At The CHurch – CATCH up for Coffee

Tea1An opportunity for mums to meet together after dropping children off at school. It offers good company, coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a nice morning snack. Catch Up is open to all.

WHEN: 8.50am-10am each Tuesday during term time

WHERE: St Mark’s church during the warmer months and in St Mark’s Church hall during the winter

OTHER INFORMATION: £1.50 per person

SoupFriendship Lunch

Soup, sandwiches, savouries and cake along with tea or coffee are all available for the sum of £2.50 – not many places offer you such good value.

WHEN: Every Tuesday 12noon

WHERE: St Mark’s, Main Road, Shavington

OTHER INFORMATION: No need to book – we always have room for everyone.

S.A.S. – Singers At St. Mark’s
SAS logo

An amateur community choir. No audition to join, and no pressure to attend. Singing a range of music from religious to secular, the emphasis at rehearsals is on fun whilst learning the music to the best of our overall ability. The choir performs publicly approximately 4 or 5 times a year. See here for more information.

WHEN: Every Tuesday evening – 7:30pm to 9:30pm
WHERE: St Mark’s Church, Main Road, Shavington

OTHER INFORMATION: There is an annual subscription of £10 to cover the cost of music purchases

CONTACT: Chris Neufeld – 07792 177 462 –

St Mark’s Invites you to a Ladies Evening – SMILE

SMILE is an evening for ladies only, with no need to spend a lot of money, wear expensive clothes or stay late. The evening starts at 8pm in St Mark’s Church hall and lasts until the last person needs to leave or the conversation has run its course. Coffee and tea and refreshments are available but participants are also invited to bring their own. The evening is a great favourite, a time to socialise without the constraints of children or pressures of more formal establishments. A vast variety of subjects are discussed, problems solved, jokes told, a generally fun and relaxed evening.

WHEN: 2nd Tuesday each month at 8pm

WHERE: St Mark’s Church Hall

Mother’s Union


To demonstrate the Christian faith in action, by the transformation of communities worldwide through the nurture of the family in its many forms. See here for more information.

WHEN: Third Wednesday of every month – 2:00pm
WHERE: St Mark’s Church, Main Road, Shavington
CONTACT: Margaret Hodgkinson – 01270 841 577

Craft and Chatter
You can find out about current projects we are supporting here.
WHEN: Every Thursday – 1:30pm
WHERE: St Mark’s Church Hall, Main Road,
CONTACT: Margaret Hodgkinson – 01270 841 577 –

St Mark’s Sanctuary Guild

A quiet band of people form the Sanctuary Guild. The little jobs that are never seen being done, a few of the big jobs which take a few hours but no one quite knows who does them, are probably done by a member of the sanctuary guild. A number of members clean the church each week on a rota basis, cleverly organised and self-running according to various demands. The altar cloths, brasses, flower arrangements, candles, cleaning steps, gardening, even picking up the moss that falls from the roof, all these jobs are undertaken by members of the Sanctuary Guild. New members are always welcomed.

Contact: Hilary Morrison –