Remembering those we love but see no longer

The season of All Souls, at the beginning of November, reminds us that death is not the end – though it may feel that way to us.

We will be having a service in commemoration of all those who have died from the Parish of Weston and Shavington in the past year.

Faithful Departed

We shall join in giving thanks for their lives and the memories we have to treasure, and commit ourselves to use well the time left to us on earth. There will be chance to light a candle in memory of your loved ones, and to pray.

Our Christian hope is that, in death as in life, we find ourselves in the hands of our heavenly Father who proves that his love renews, transforms, and sustains by raising Jesus from the dead. This hope is what makes every occasion for remembering our loved ones so important.

There will be a formal reading of the names of all those whom we have committed into the Lord’s care in the past year. We will also include in the reading of names anyone you would like remembered at this service. You may also request that the names of others who died longer ago or in other places are included.

If you would like to add someone to the list of names read at the service please contact our Parish Administrator, 01270 582 585,



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