Stay at home!

undefined How quickly we learn to adjust to new situations! A little over a week ago I was lying on a sunny Mexican beach watching squadrons of pelicans flying overhead. Arriving back at Manchester AirPort, we were collected by our taxi driver, who, bless him, had refused to leave us stranded.  We learned on the journey back that he had managed to secure work as a delivery driver for one of the big supermarkets as his own work had completely dried up.

My children had left me a fridge full of food, a bouquet of flowers and a gift basket to celebrate Mothering Sunday. What a welcome Home but even the lovely gifts couldn’t make up for not having my customary hugs!

So began seven days isolation as I was mixing with so many Americans, Canadians and Italians while I was away. I decided that if I am to be isolated I need to do some exercise so I am now doing a daily three mile walk around Wybunbury trying to avoid other walkers, those exercising dogs and a myriad of cyclists! At least I have discovered that the British sense of humour is not lost when a lady dashed past me shouting ‘coming, ready or not!’

The Lords prayer has become even more important to me. I find that I am saying it in my head when I am walking and at many other times of the day. What do people who don’t have a Faith think about? The online services lead by Rachael are also a great comfort. It makes me feel so much better knowing that my church family is also online!.

I now have my own personal shopper, my son Dave, who delivers to my door with a stern reminder to wash my hands after handling the bags. This new arrangement brings with it its own restrictions. Just as Dave is trying to keep me as safe as possible, I too feel a responsibility to get him out of the supermarket as quickly as possible  by not asking for anything that isn’t essential. This means that snacks of crisps and nuts are out of the question and I am using up every last ounce of fruit and vegetables and ensuring that every last drop is squeezed from the toothpaste tube and other toiletries to extend the time between supermarket visits! The upside of this, together with the additional exercise will hopefully result in a leaner, fitter me!

I have never been so grateful for technology! I am able to keep in touch with friends and have video calls with my sister in Turkey who is in complete lockdown with the threat of arrest if they try and leave the house! Thankfully they too have special friends who are keeping them supplied with food.

I am receiving so many emails and texts that I am now making a list of those I have spoken to so that I don’t forget any of the special people in my life. I think the funniest comment I seen was from someone who was asking if anyone had tried switching off 2020 leaving it 15 seconds and then switching it back on again! If it was only that easy!

Did you join with me last Thursday clapping in support of the NHS? My niece in Preston lives near to a hospital and while they were clapping they could hear cheering and shouting! They learned the next day that NHS staff came out of the hospital and were responding to the clapping with cheers of their own.  Everbody I know was in tears but definitely worth it.

I hope to talk to you again in the coming weeks just as a way of keeping in touch and letting you know that yes, life is different but so much is still the same! If you feel like a chat don’t hesitate to ring!

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