Of green and gardens


Hello Again!

Well I ended up with two weeks isolation as my friends that I went away with all went down with coughs and sore throats on our return!

I’m still walking each day and I’d forgotten how much the scenery changes at this time of the year! The number of variations of the colour green never ceases to amaze me! Even though we are living in such strange times there are so many signs of hope for the future! The birds are singing and nesting, I have robins making their nest in my garage, and the rabbits and squirrels are in abundance in the fields. It’s so much easier to hear the birdsong and listen to the woodpeckers around Wybunbury Moss now the traffic is no longer whizzing past.

Everybody has so much more time to chat, at a social distance, and people are so much more concerned with each others welfare! I live in hope that this new awareness continues when life returns to normal.

As I have nowhere to be, nobody is coming to visit and there are no appointments or meetings to attend I decided to stop wearing my watch! This was fine and I was eating when I was hungry, going to bed when I was tired and doing my household jobs when I felt like it and not because I was fitting it in between work and my social life. The downside was that I forgot to switch on the morning service! I am still being far more relaxed about time but I have at least programmed my google mini to let me know when I need to be online, when deliveries are expected and to remind me when I need to be outside clapping for the NHS! Is it only me who is enjoying this new relaxed environment?

My kitchen cupboards are clean, windows polished, sewing repairs up to date and the ironing completed! These jobs all done not only to fill the days but because I initially thought that this situation would have a time limit. Realising that this could go on for weeks I have now saved jobs for the rainy day which we have fortunately been spared so far.

I’ve always loved spending time in the garden but found keeping it under control difficult. My husband was the gardener and I was allowed to mow the lawn which to me is very therapeutic. However he drew the line at me weeding as I really don’t recognise the difference between a seedling and a weed! Now though, I’m learning to love my time out in the sun and fresh air. I don’t have to try and do too much at any one time and doing little but often means that I am actually watching stuff grow and learning where things are in my garden. I am so grateful to Albert for all the love and attention paid to the shrubs and bulbs and seeing clumps of daffodils, the huge flowers of a rhododendron and the creamy fat bulbs of a magnolia not only make me think of him but also the lesson that nature is teaching us- look after the earth and the rewards will be great!

My prayers are now much more thoughtful and not rushed through. I can really think

About the people I pray for and not just have a shopping list of requests! We are blessed to have Rachael, Gaynor, Margaret, Ginny and Sara working on our behalf and I hope you will all pray with me for their continued good health. I am also thanking God for the team who had the foresight to set us up online enabling us to stay in contact with each other and enjoy the benefits of online services!

Praying that you and your families stay safe and well!


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