Smelling the coffee

I’m still staying in and away from the supermarket, spending as much time as I can outdoors, taking advantage of the glorious weather. A new toy has arrived via post, and I’m now the proud owner of a pair of cordless hedge cutters! The first time I used them I pruned everything I could see that was slightly overgrown! The following morning I could barely pick up my arms they were so stiff but in compensation there is much more daylight in my kitchen after reducing the height of the ivy growing nearby! There is a lot to be said for everything in moderation!

Spending so much time in the garden has been the perfect opportunity to use an app on my ipad which allows me to point the pad at any passing aeroplane and it will tell me the type of plane and where the plane has come from and where it’s going. It also tells me how far away it is. I’ve been having competitions with myself guessing the distance and country of origin. Sad, I know, but it keeps me good!!

I hadn’t realised how boring my food shopping habits have been! Anybody who knows me will say that shopping is my least favourite chore so having someone else to do it for me has been a blessing! When I shop I tend to put the same kind of cheese, bread, grapes and other items in my trolley every time. Now, because someone else is shopping, and not all of the products I use have been available, I have tried several different products all of which have been delicious! I have made a note to myself that when this period is finished I will make more effort to look around and try new things, and I will do this in other areas of my life and not just food choices!

Years ago I read a very short book called The Precious Present by Spencer Johnson,  which made a very big impression on me and I still read it occasionally as a reminder to slow down and smell the coffee!! These days of marking time are allowing us to make the most of the time now! We are no longer wondering how to fit in all the things we have to do next week. Nor are we looking back, feeling guilty about jobs that weren’t finished or the calls we didn’t make. Instead the weather is dictating whether we are in the garden or exercising and the hours of isolation are allowing us to spend time on the phone talking to people, checking on their welfare and not just asking the cursory question of ‘are you OK?’ when you don’t really want an honest answer! Now people passing are happy to chat, obviously at the required distance, as nobody is in a rush to be anywhere. Isn’t it great!

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