The Bells!!

Looking for something to fill your time purposefully over the next few weeks?

As most of you will know it is becoming a tradition in the parish to give the community Christmas decorations that we have made.

In 2018 we made 400 Angels and left them on hedges and walls etc to be picked up and taken home. Then in 2019 there were 700 Stars to adorn trees all around the parish.

2020 is going to be the year of the Bells!

To keep reaching a growing number of people at the previous rate we will need – dare I say – 1000.

I have set myself a challenge to turn this woolly mountain

into more of these.

Gaynor meanwhile is crocheting these


Patterns for crocheted and knitted bells are available below as a guide, or you can use a pattern of your own. Use any wool any colour.  Dig out all those odds and ends of yarn and they can be put to good use. The bells to go inside will be available when we get back to more normal times.

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