All Change!

As you are probably aware Dave and Lucy’s wedding was postponed and they have provisionally rearranged it for October. They dealt with the news incredibly well and on the actual day we sneaked a visit to them and sat socially distanced in their garden. They had champagne, and flowers arrived from their chief bridesmaid, and the Crossfit club they belong to set a wedding quiz in the evening. They had also arranged for a video message of support, from an international Crossfitter to be sent to them. It’s good to know that they have such incredible friends!

Last week Lindsey came home to start her induction with the charity she is going to work for. This week it has been decided that all new trainees should work at their allocated shelters so we have spent the last few days packing up her belongings. She only found a place to live on Friday and she had to make the decision after doing a virtual walk round of the flat and a video call with her proposed flat mates! Not what we envisaged when she made the decision to work in London. I had thought I would be able to visit regularly and looked forward to exploring London with her. Instead I have no idea when I will see her again or what restrictions will be placed on any time we have together! Originally I was going to drive down with her stuff but now she is travelling alone by train hauling a large and small suitcase, a rucksack and a holdall!  What should have been a pleasure to see her doing a job she really wants to do is tinged with sadness that we are probably faced with months of being apart.

There are so many calls in the media for help in supporting charities who are unable to fund raise so in the last few days I have looked closely at my finances to see if I can help at all. My first thought is that I should try and help my own church. I gain so much from being part of this church community. I have received friendship from so many of you, spiritual guidance whenever it’s needed not to mention the many social events which have helped to fill the days with pleasure.  I’m not spending money on going out for coffee or lunch and not spending money on petrol so I am easily able to give something extra even if only for a short period to help fill the shortfall in a bid to keep our church solvent and ready for our return!

 My hair obviously doesn’t realise that there is a lockdown! It continues to grow at an alarming rate so this week I gave in and chopped my fringe and bits at the back in a bid to not be mistaken for an entry in the Wybunbury scarecrow competition! I’m not sure that I have been entirely successful!

The garden too is changing!  Gone are the daffodils and tulips and in their place the more vibrant azaleas and rhododendrons and the smiling pansies are showing us the way forward! The colours are getting stronger urging us to remain hopeful and quietly anticipate a more normal future.

I have felt during the last few weeks that we are on hold! Our lives standing still while so many brave and wonderful people fight this awful illness on our behalf! I now realise that the world keeps turning albeit in a gentler way and we must embrace all those changes which are happening. We may not always like them but good or bad God is with us every step of the way and with his help we can face anything!

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