Tears and technology

I dropped Lindsey off at the station with her many bags and I was allowed to go down to the platform with her. There were no other people on the platform which made it seem very surreal. Very few people were on the train and accommodating her baggage was easy. At the other end she was picked up by a very kind taxi driver who helped to carry her luggage to the door of her flat where she was met and assisted by her new flat mates. I’m not ashamed to admit that there were more than a few tears as the train pulled away from Crewe but then I remembered Gaynor telling me that when she left for university, she had a trunk and the promise of letters as nobody had their own phone and I realised how lucky we are now to be able to keep in touch in so many ways and able to see each other on video calls too.

There were tears of laughter when I saw what Lindsey had done to Daves dog (see photo). As you can see Wellie sat through it all with his usual good grace. He is such a beautiful dog and I defy anyone to be sad in his presence.

pretty dog

Online shopping is the norm for most people now and I am grateful for the technology which allows us to purchase the items we need while staying safe in our homes. When parcels arrive I always thank the people delivering and their reply is almost always that they are grateful to be kept in a job.

I know that many people have been binge watching box sets and I too have enjoyed watching a whole season of a TV series. However, is it only me who reverts back to watching old favourites such as Morse,Endeavour and Midsommer Murders? I find that there is such comfort in seeing these old friends previously watched when the world wasn’t quite so chaotic. Again, what would we do without this technology?

An important part of my week is watching and taking part in the lovely, thoughtful church services lead by Rachael. I love the ‘action’ songs and again it is impossible not to feel better when Rachael puts so much enthusiasm into the routines! I would love to be a fly on the wall ,when,in the future, these services are watched by her grandchildren!

Now the weather is colder and it’s not so pleasant working outside, the technology which allows me to work at home is proving invaluable. My days are still going really quickly now that I can carry on doing my job and the house doesn’t feel as empty when I can message the people at work and still feel part of a team.

As the weeks go by it is difficult to imagine that life will ever be normal but part of the wonderful technology we have also means that we have access to the daily updates on the terrible loss of life in such a short time. Each life lost means that there is a family grieving and I am praying to God that he will give comfort to all those who are feeling bewildered and bereaved.

My prayers this week are also for you, that you and your families stay safe and well and hope that we can all be together again soon.


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